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High Performance ITG Air Filters Ideal for Oval Racing

McGill MotorsportsAir Filters & Base Plates

McGill Motorsport offer an excellent range of ITG Air Filters and Base Plates suitable for many Oval Racing Formulas including: Brisca F2, Stock Rod, National Hot Rod, Lightening Rod, 2 Ltr Hot Rod, 2 Ltr Saloon, CC Rod, Prostock, and 1300 Stock Cars. 

Why choose ITG Air Filter Products?

ITG are known to be one of the best manufacturers of the highest quality Air Filters on the market today with products available for both motorsport and road vehicles. Below you will find a great range of Air Filters and Base plates that we have specifically curated to meet the needs of Oval Racing Drivers.

Air Filters - ITG
Air Filters - ITGSuitable For All Oval Racing Formulas
Enter Air Filters - ITG
Base Plates - ITG
Base Plates - ITGSuitable For All Formulas
Enter Base Plates - ITG
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