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Plain Spherical Bearings

McGill MotorsportsBearings (Plain Spherical)

McGill Plain Spherical Bearings are available in various performance grades for use in suspension and other various applications. We have a full range of Metric and Imperial sized bearings which are used across all areas of motorsport including Rally, Drifting, Circuit Racing, Single Seater Racing, Oval Racing, Autograss, Stock Car Racing, Auto Cross, Karting, Off road, Dirt Racing, Speedway as well as road use applications such as for suspension in kit cars and performance cars. We also do bearings & Rod Ends suitable for industrial applications and supply a number of companies in this field.

McGill Motorsport have been heavily involved in the supply of quality Rod Ends & bearings to the motorsport industry for over 15 years and continue to build relationships with new customers both in the UK and worldwide.

Rod End (Heim Joints) are also a commonly used Suspension component.

Imperial Spherical Bearings
Imperial Spherical Bearings5/16" to 3/4" Sizes
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Housings & Circlips for Imperial & Metric Bearings
Housings & Circlips for Imperial & Metric Bearings1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" Bearings & Circlips: M16 M18 & M20 Bearings
Enter Housings & Circlips for Imperial & Metric Bearings
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