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3/16" (3mm) Braided Brake Line & Brake Hose Fittings

Where to get brake lines made?

Why not save money and make your own custom braided brake lines, using the great selection of banjo fittings, banjo bolts, bulkhead fittings and female adaptors on offer below - alongside our 3mm (3/16") stainless steel brake flex hose available from McGill Motorsport. The parts below are all you need to create your own motorcycle braided brake hoses or car racing brake lines. You can also use the selection below alongside our Brake King Master Cylinders when installing your Hydraulic Handbrake into your vehicle. To complete your brake line set up we also offer Brake Bias Adjusters, Brake Proportion Valves and Brake Residual Valves for both disc and drum set ups. 

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