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Racing Clutch Brake Master Cylinder & Brake Fluid Reservoirs

McGill MotorsportsBrake ProductsBrake Master Cylinders / Reservoirs

What is the Best Racing Brake Master Cylinder?

There is no one answer to the question of which bore size of brake clutch master cylinder is the best for your car. The facts are; the larger the bore size the more force that will be required on the pedal to apply pressure through the line. Therefore if you use a smaller bore size, less force will be required on the pedal to achieve the same results. The common issue of spongy brakes can be solved by using a larger bore size as this will take up system slack and however it will also create a harder peddle that requires more force than a smaller bore cylinder. To complete your brake set up, why not check out our other Brake Products for sale including Brake Hose & Fittings, Brake Bias Adjuster, Brake Residual Pressure Valves and Proportion Valves.

Brake King Brake/Clutch Master Cylinders in sizes 0.625" 0.700" and 0.750", exclusively from McGill Motorsport. Brake King Brake Management products are manufactured to a high standard and are supplied with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty making them extremely good value for money. Tilton branded brake master cylinders are also available and are popular amongst many racing communities. 

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