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Race Car Corner Weight Scale Systems

McGill MotorsportsCorner Weight Scales

McGill Motorsport are delighted to offer for sale Professional Chassis Set-Up Equipment from STR Precision Products car equipment specialists. These are the only race car Electronic Scale Measurement System to be designed & assembled in the UK and supplied with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. The ultimate car weight measurement machine on the market for sale in the UK

Why balance your car for motorsport racing?

A properly balanced race vehicle will significantly improve it's handling and overall performance on the track, also known as 'corner weighting' or 'scaling'. Don't forget, your car should be fully 'Set up' to race including all fluids and the driver, to obtain the most accurate results. 

Why STR Competition Corner Weight Scales are the Best?

The STR Portable Scale System is currently the only system on the market which displays at a glance the diagonal weight, sometimes known as 'cross weight', which is arguably the most important aspect of a car suspension setup. A common adjustment to alter the balance of your vehicle is to change your Springs.

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