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Head & Neck Restraint Safety Devices

McGill MotorsportsFHR & Hans Devices

Why use a FHR / HANS neck restraint?

All forms of motorsport are dangerous and carry significant risks of personal injury. At McGill Motorsport we firmly believe in the old mantra 'prevention is better than cure' with particular emphasis on PREVENTION. You can almost completely remove your risk of a fatal neck injury by using a Frontal Head Restraint device (FHR). Here you will find a great selection including the classic 'HANS' device, the Simpson 'Hybrid Sport' which is becoming increasingly popular due to its superior comfort similar to the previously popular Leatt 'MRX PRO' device, which was also a 'Best of Both' product before it was discontinued. We also offer a great selection of Racewear, HelmetsRace Harnesses, all of which are compatible with FHR devices, including the new design FIA Approved 3" to 2" Harness which has become very popular with FHR users.  

Head & Neck Restraint Safety Devices
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