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Professional Tyre Pressure Gauge

McGill MotorsportsGauges & DialsGel Filled Tyre Pressure Gauges

McGill Motorsport is here to help ensure you have the optimum pressure in you tyres by presenting a great selection of liquid filled tyre pressure gauges below in various sizes and covering pressure ranges from 0-30PSI and 0-60PSI respectively. 

What tyre pressure should I use?

Having the correct pressure in your tyres is fundamental to ensuring your race car is running in optimal condition and achieving the very best lap times and handling. Your specific requirements will most likely be unique to your race car and the type of tyre you are using as well as the formula and track type you race on, however using a bit of trial and error along with one of STR's tyre pressure gauges below will enable you to tune your car accurately and efficiently. These gel filled tyre pressure gauges are highly accurate to 1.6% and have been designed specifically for motorsport use with rugged rubber sheaths for protection and a glow-in-the-dark face to ensure ease of use in all pit conditions. 


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