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Mechanical Drivers Gauges

McGill MotorsportsGauges & DialsLiquid Filled Mechanical Gauges

McGill Motorsport proudly only supply high quality and accurate STR Mechanical Liquid Gauges for your peace of mind. When you are on the race track, you need to know you can trust your gauges reading, buy your gauges below and put your faith in STR. 

What gauge do I need?

There is a wide variety of driver gauges on the market today, and as with many other products there are massive differences in quality, accuracy & reliability. To combat the confusion about what's best to buy, we have done the hard work for you and have only the best quality gauges from the reputable brand, STR Racing Products. Below you will find the highest quality and most popular Liquid Filled Mechanical Gauges available on the market. 

As a racing driver you need to know some key pieces of information to ensure you can finish your race successfully, most notably Water and Oil Temperature as well as Oil Pressure Gauges and ensure your car isn't getting too hot to handle without damage. We also offer a Boost gauge which reads the internal pressure of your combustion engine, vital for turbo or supercharged vehicles. 

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