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Electronic Gauges

McGill MotorsportsGaugesElectronic Gauges

All of the gauges in our range are electronically sensored. The sensor will either be reading for changes in temperature or pressure and the resistance of the sender will change with respect to changes in temperature or pressure. This resistance changes the current level in the signal wire hence changing the reading on the gauge.

All gauges with the exception of the air/fuel ratio gauge come supplied with the relevant sensor required for the gauge. The gauges are also supplied with instructions and securing connections for use if sinking into the dash.

White Face Racing Series
White Face Racing Series52mm Diameter, Analogue Electrical Gauges
Enter White Face Racing Series
Rev Counters / Tachometers
Rev Counters / TachometersVarious Sizes & Styles
Enter Rev Counters / Tachometers
60mm Black Face Racing Series
60mm Black Face Racing Series60mm Diameter, Analogue
Enter 60mm Black Face Racing Series
Plasma Display Series
Plasma Display Series52mm Diameter, Plasma LED Display
Enter Plasma Display Series
Black Smoke Effect Series
Black Smoke Effect Series52mm Diameter, Analogue
Enter Black Smoke Effect Series
Blue Digital Series
Blue Digital Series52mm Diameter, Digital Display
Enter Blue Digital Series
Red Digital Series
Red Digital Series52mm Diameter, Digital Display
Enter Red Digital Series
Micro Digital Series
Micro Digital Series37mm Diameter, Digital Display
Enter Micro Digital Series
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