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Aluminium Rod Ends

McGill MotorsportsMale Thread Rod Ends (UNF)AM: Lightweight Series - Aluminium with Kevlar Liner

McGill AM - Lightweight Series Aluminium Rod Ends (Imperial - UNF Thread). This range features a loaded slot style of rod end that was introduced to the market in 1995. The body is machined with a significant groove going all the way around the interior of the body. The ball is then inserted into the machined slot and a Teflon®/Kevlar® material is injected, serving as a liner to keep dirt and debris out, while also lubricating the rod end. In addition to providing added strength, the injection moulded race also won’t “pound out” like traditional PTFE (Teflon®) liners, increasing the longevity of your rod ends. Aluminium Rod Ends help keep your vehicle weight to a minimum, being roughly half the weight of a XM rod end but should be used in low load areas as the aluminium is not as strong as the other options we offer.

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