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Spherical Plain Bearings (Metric & Imperial)

Spherical Plain Bearings carry a high capacity of radial and axial loads in a small envolope due to their large contact area and are used in applications ranging from motorcycle suspension to large industrial applications.

Our range of spherical plain bearings are teflon lined to give a tight quality feel and longer lifespan.

Housings & Retaining Circlips are made on a state of the art 4-axis lathe, manufactured within excellent tolerances to fit our bearings.

Bearings used for rally and circuit racing. High endurance, high strength bearings available at the best prices.

Imperial Spherical Bearings
Imperial Spherical Bearings5/16" to 3/4" Sizes
Enter Imperial Spherical Bearings
Housings & Circlips for Imperial & Metric Bearings
Housings & Circlips for Imperial & Metric Bearings1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" Bearings & Circlips: M16 M18 & M20 Bearings
Enter Housings & Circlips for Imperial & Metric Bearings
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