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UltraShield Bucket Race Seats

McGill MotorsportsSeats & MountsUltra Shield Race Seats

Ultra Shield have been manufacturing their unique selection of race seats since 1987 and have always been committed to providing the highest quality race seats possible. These aluminium racing seats are suitable for use on dirt, shale and asphalt, oval track as well as drag strips. Here in the UK Ultra Shield race seats are most commonly used in short oval track formulas including Brisca F2'sMicro F2's and Ministox's. Ultrashield have an excellent reputation for being one of the most comfortable as well as one of the safest aluminium seats available on the market. To complement our excellent range of race seats we also offer a wide selection of Ultra Shield Accessories, including head supports. To complete your safety set up why not check out our range of Harnesses and Head and Neck Restraints

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