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Racing Wheels, Quick Release Hubs & Boss Kits

McGill Motorsport has sourced a great range of Racing Steering Wheels suitable for most types of race events including Oval Racing, Rally and Circuit Racing, as well as Drifting, Kit Cars and Road use all at an unbetable price. Our wheels are avaliable in a range of sizes from 10" up to 15" in diameter with various dishes from flat to 3" deep dish and in a wide range of materials, colours and styles. To compliment our wheels we also offer an excellent range of Quick Release Hub kits, Boss Kits suitable for BMW E30, E36 & E46 as well as Steel suitable for steering collum use. 

Dished Steering Wheels
Dished Steering WheelsSuede/Leather/PVC
Enter Dished Steering Wheels
Flat Dish Wheels
Flat Dish WheelsSuede/Leather 255mm upwards
Enter Flat Dish Wheels
Quick Release Hubs
Quick Release HubsRange of Styles
Enter Quick Release Hubs
Steering Boss Kits
Steering Boss KitsKits to fit a range of vehicles
Enter Steering Boss Kits
Solid Round Bar / Steering Column Bar
Solid Round Bar / Steering Column BarAvailable In Imperial And Metric
Enter Solid Round Bar / Steering Column Bar
Racing Wheels, Quick Release Hubs & Boss Kits
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