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Imperial Rod Ends & Accessories (UNF)

McGill MotorsportsRod Ends & BearingsImperial UNF Rod Ends & Accessories

Our comprehensive range of imperial sized UNF rod ends. We currently stock these from 3/16" size up to 1" size, most sizes are available in up to 5 strength/performance grades.

Our Rod Ends & Spherical Bearings in various performance grades for use on suspension. Rod Ends are known in the UK as 'Rose Joints'* and in the USA and Australia as Heim Joints. 'Rose Joint' is a registered trademark of Rose Bearings Ltd and is used occasionally as a generic term for Rod Ends. We have a full range of Metric and Imperial sized rod ends which are used across all areas of motorsport including Rally, Drifting, Circuit Racing, Single Seater Racing, Oval Racing, Autograss, Stock Car Racing, Auto Cross, Karting, Off road, Dirt Racing, Speedway as well as road use applications such as replacing drop links or used for suspension in kit cars and performance cars. We also do rod ends suitable for industrial applications and supply a number of companies in this field.


*Rose Joints' is a trademark, which is owned by NMB Minebea UK Ltd ( Formerly Rose Bearings Ltd. - Home of the Rose Joint).

Male Thread Rod Ends (UNF)
Male Thread Rod Ends (UNF)Economy/Aluminium/High Strength/Ultra High Performance
Enter Male Thread Rod Ends (UNF)
Female Thread Rod Ends (UNF)
Female Thread Rod Ends (UNF)2-Piece Economy / Ultra High Performance
Enter Female Thread Rod Ends (UNF)
Clevis Joints (UNF)
Clevis Joints (UNF)Imperial (UNF) Clevis Joints
Enter Clevis Joints (UNF)
Studded Rod Ends (UNF)
Studded Rod Ends (UNF)5/16" to 3/4" Studded Rod Ends
Enter Studded Rod Ends (UNF)
Rod End Accessories (Imperial Sizes)
Rod End Accessories (Imperial Sizes)Threaded Inserts/Lock Nuts/ Bolts/Spacers/Reducers/Rubber Sealing Boots
Enter Rod End Accessories (Imperial Sizes)
Turnbuckle Linkages (UNF)
Turnbuckle Linkages (UNF)Internally Threaded Adjustable Link Bars
Enter Turnbuckle Linkages (UNF)
Imperial 4 Link Kits (UNF)
Imperial 4 Link Kits (UNF)Imperial 4 Link Kits (UNF) from McGill Motorsport Ltd
Enter Imperial 4 Link Kits (UNF)
Weldable ERW Steel Tubing
Weldable ERW Steel TubingTubing for Threaded Inserts/Bungs
Enter Weldable ERW Steel Tubing
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