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Electric Slimline Radiator Cooling Fans - Various Sizes 12v

McGill MotorsportsCoolingUniversal Push/Pull Slimline Electric Fans (12V)

McGill Motorsport presents a great selection of 12v Universal Radiator Slimline Electric Fans which are extremely good value for money. These fans can be used either as push or pull (they can suck or blow) the polarity and the blade can be reversed to make the change. The quality of these Radiator fans is excellent and each size provides great flow rates. New to the range available in various sizes is 120w fans which provides an even better flow rate as a result of the blades spinning faster. Each size of fan comes complete with a fitting kit, which can also be purchased separately should you wish to move your fan to another vehicle in the future. 

Can you set up your Radiator Fan on a thermostat?

Yes, you can wire up any of our Electric fans below to a thermostat to come on at your desired temperature as well as wiring it up to a standard Flip Switch or Ignition Switch Panel.

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