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Fuel Injection type Fuel Pressure Regulator

McGill MotorsportsFuel SystemFuel Pressure Regulator - Fuel Injection

What does a Fuel Pressure Regulator do?

In simple terms a fuel pressure regulators primary job is to supply and maintain a steady fuel supply to your fuel rail. This is essential as the fuel rail will be unable to build up enough pressure to ensure the injectors receive an optimal amount of fuel. The fuel pressure regulator will be able to maintain and supply a sufficient amount of fuel even when the fuel demand changes significantly, enabling the perfect fuel / air ratio to always be met.

McGill Motorsport offers an excellent range of Fuel Injection type Fuel Pressure Regulators, suitable for a variety of PSI requirements. If you need a Carburettor type Fuel Pressure Regulator click here.  If you need Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Hose or AN Fuel Hose Fittings click the links to check these out.

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