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FIA & SFI Approved Racewear

Keeping drivers safe is the top priority for any motorsport events organiser, which is why a number of regulations are in place to ensure a basic level of protection is achieved by all racers. We believe you can't be too careful with your safety and would always suggest you choose the best level of protection you budget allows. McGill Motorsport offer everything you need to compete safely to regulations from grassroots motorsport right up to professional MSA level racing. To complement our Alpinestars and STR branded FIA and SFI Approved Race Suits, Race Gloves, Race Boots and Fireproof Underwear we also stock an excellent range of Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) HANS and Hybrid Devices as well as a range of SNELL 2015 & FIA Approved Helmets from brands including Simpson and Stilo. 

Alpinestars Racewear
Alpinestars RacewearFIA Approved & Karting
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STR Racewear
STR RacewearSFI & FIA Approved
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Simpson Racewear
Simpson RacewearSFI Approved
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