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Automotive Electrical Components

McGill's full range of Electric Parts for race cars includes: Ignition Switch Panels, Start Buttons, Flip Switches, Isolator Switches, Electric Fans and Intelligent Fuse Boxes. We also supply high quality Liquid Filled Mechanical Gauges which are electrically illuminated to enhance visibility. 

Battery Isolation Switches
Battery Isolation SwitchesAvailable in Various Styles
Enter Battery Isolation Switches
Ignition Switch Panels
Ignition Switch PanelsAvailable in Various Colours
Enter Ignition Switch Panels
Intelligent Fuse Boxes
Intelligent Fuse BoxesLED indicates blown fuse
Enter Intelligent Fuse Boxes
LED Warning Lights
LED Warning LightsBrake & Warning
Enter LED Warning Lights
Auto Electrical Wire
Auto Electrical Wire12v & 17.5 Amps
Enter Auto Electrical Wire
Push Start Buttons
Push Start ButtonsLED & Rubber Covered Options
Enter Push Start Buttons
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